Monday, July 5, 2010

38. Burr Beard's Proposal for the New Line-Up

A meeting was held on July 3rd. I didn't know about it. In fact, the vast majority of DJs didn't know about it. Nine DJs were present; nobody is sure (least of all the DJs themselves) why they were invited. Burr asked them to keep what was discussed at the meeting secret. They, understandably, refused to do so.

I have removed the rest of the post. I violated someone's trust in posting what I did yesterday. I have been making light recently of how heedless Mr. Beard has been in his actions, and of how insensitive he has been in pursuing his vision. I acted in much the same way. I apologize, from the bottom of my soul, for doing so. I hope to make amends, now and in the future.

Tyler Magill


  1. What an anemic lineup - and I say that as someone whose show would probably be safe in it (if living comfortably in a situation where all trust has been lost can be considered "safe"). Classical is gonna be ripshit about this, and they damn well oughta be.

  2. Good to know that all the input from WTJU listeners on the official feedback site has been taken into account.... Sheesh.

  3. More "secrecy". How delightful. Isn't that how the whole flap got going, in the first place?

    I, too, have a lot of nerve flying off, since RVibes is safe, too (the listeners have STILL to be heard... If they get the chance). But, I listen to just about everything that the station has to offer. And, I'm wondering how THAT MUCH roots programming is feasible, since two of the best "roots" announcers got pissed off and left, right off the bat.

    Where's the weekend lineup? Do those omitted M-F have to hope beyond all hope that they get moved there?

    What a clusterfuck.

  4. Instructions:
    * Kill morning Classical. (Place firecracker on ground.)
    * Tell listeners morning Classical is gone. (Light fuse.)
    * Run away as fast as you can. (Can you outrun a nuclear blast?)

  5. Guys guys guys,
    This isn't "roots" programming. It's "The Roots," Burr's favorite band.
    We're actually going to just play "Things Fall Apart" and "Illadelph Halflife" on repeat from 6am to 4pm.
    Didn't you hear about the change? We're not WTJroots. The roots choice in centroots virginroots roots roots roots roots...

  6. Whoa -- I just re-read -- Classical is gone completely. Wow. I can only assume you have experience fighting hornet swarms by biting them.

  7. If this schedule is implemented, there is absolutely no chance students will become involved if they are interested in Rock, the department currently with the most student DJs.

    If Burr recognizes that our market is "Roots" AND indie rock in Charlottesville, he should at least give Rock some daytime back, instead of putting all our eggs in one bleeding basket.

  8. I dont understand this "roots". Is it like country or something? And what is Americana?

  9. This should have made the front page of the Daily Progress today, but I see nothing on their web site.

  10. zdarma said... "I dont understand this "roots". Is it like country or something? And what is Americana?"

    It's music made by middle-class white people for middle-class white listeners.

    Diversity in music styles, performers, DJs, and listeners is an obvious strength of TJU. Diversity is promoted as a key (developing) asset of UVa and most successful companies around the globe. Why on earth should UVa go retrograde on this on TJU in its new incarnation within Public Affairs?!

    Ten or so years ago, there was Ragga G (Eric Butler) on late night at TJU. He did a great hip-hop show that let him showcase his knowledge of the connections between popular tracks everyone knew and the sort of stuff he hear back home in multi-cultural (pre-hipster) Brooklyn but few here in Ch'ville even knew existed. It was crazy Spanish and Kreyol hip-hop, reggaetón, and more from NYC.

    It was so American. But not Americana, alas.

  11. My husband and I have taken to referring to various "roots"/"Americana" programming by paraphrasing a George Carlin quote (originally referring to NASCAR): "It's the same five rednecks who win every week." Haven't seen the original post--was away from the computer for much of the weekend--and didn't know about the meeting.

    Why does it not surprise me that the whole "community input period" appears to have been merely a means of trying to vent off the biggest blast of DJ outrage and paying lip service to being "responsive" while quietly preparing to do exactly what Public Affairs/Burr want to do anyway?

    Way to kill a station.

    Anyone know if KXCI-Tucson is looking for volunteers? (I'm only half kidding.)

  12. Ragga G always ended his show by saying " watch you back because your back is being watched"