Tuesday, July 6, 2010

39. Letter from Carol Wood to the WTJU Staff

Hold on, started going off half-cocked again. There's more than I thought. News as it develops, and soon.


  1. I read the letter. Carol Wood did a good thing by sending it. It's complete, it's up-to-date and it's an honest assessment of where things stand. If anything, it tells me that Carol Wood should have Burr Beard's job.

    Now, maybe she has a secret agenda to make soap by the methods discussed in Fight Club using WTJU DJs as donors, but I'm guessing that what she really wants is to get WTJU organized, profitable, self-sustaining and mostly, off of her desk. We should be the ones that step up and help her, and her betters, do that.

    No offense to Mr. Beard. He just doesn't seem to be helping the situation. L, F, or GTFOOTW.

  2. Is the letter available to to the public? I'd like to read it.