Sunday, July 11, 2010

45. A Retraction; More than a Reprieve, Less Than a Victory

My post last night, written at 12:30 in the morning and under the influence of a great show by Pantherburn, was symptomatic of what Alan Greenspan would call "irrational exuberance." I mis-read some very important documents. This post, bolstered by conversations with other volunteers and concerned members of the community, will better reflect what is actually happening.

Burr Beard's plan is, in fact, off the table. But the Volunteers' Plan has not replaced it. It will be presented at the meeting along with other suggestions. In short, everything is now open to negotiation. Burr has asked to join the volunteers in creating a new plan. Nothing is going to happen immediately, and (this is key) all final decisions will still be presented by Burr Beard, Carol Wood, and Marian Anderfuren to the Board of Visitors.

This is still excellent news. Lengthening the process will allow for closer scrutiny, from the students, from the volunteers, from the administration, and from the community. Given more time, and more input from everyone, the Volunteers' Plan (or whatever plan is created) can only get better. And given more time, Burr Beard and the OPA can really see what WTJU is. They have already seen how much the community cares when the station is in a crisis. Now they can see how much y'all care about us all the time.

Something to consider, again: WTJU is not a democracy. Very few radio stations are. But the folks who have the power have seen what happens when they act rashly, and with insufficient information.

With all this in mind, then, in italics and big old type:

We still need you at the Town Hall meeting Monday the 12th at 5:00 PM. We need you more than ever.

This is more than a reprieve, but less than a "victory." It's a lot closer to the latter than the former. This is a chance for everybody to become much more involved than even before. See you tomorrow night.


  1. Thanks, Tyler! I was a little alarmed that your earlier post might make folks think the town hall is no longer important while, in fact, it is much MORE important now!! Please come. We need you.
    - Sandy Snyder

  2. Doncha worry Tyler, WTJU In Exile will be there. Yes we will.