Friday, July 9, 2010

43. More Information on the Automation Systems

Just received a note from Burr Beard as to the nature of the automation software installed last night at WTJU. The software is called DAD and the virtual CD deck is called Presenter. Information about both can be found at the Enco site. If there's anyone out there who is familiar with the capabilities of these programs, I would love to hear from you; e-mail me at It very well could be that this stuff is perfectly benign; it very well could be that this stuff wouldn't allow for a fully automated station with minimal DJ input (as is found at most professional stations). I have to point out that the timing of putting this stuff in couldn't have been worse, and that he didn't tell the DJs aforehand that he was installing it. It is also perfectly possible that I'm over-reacting, but speaking personally, I probably wouldn't have if I or the other DJs had known aforehand what was going on. The pattern of doing something and then only explaining it later under pressure is getting old.


  1. It's in post #2. It's supposed to keep track of "Currents" if that's still even a thing. Of course slopes can get slippery but it's ostensibly a heavy-rotaion machine. Likely a very expensive one.

  2. The new set-up does offer at the mere push of a button those duck calls, canned applause, and fart noises needed for any ribald morning show.

    Can anyone ballpark what the new set-up costs the cash-strapped station? I'm guessing 4K. (Again, I'm just am listener, not a radio pro.)