Tuesday, June 22, 2010

17. Response from Burr Beard to the Proposals Made by the Rock Department

The proposals can be found here, in post 15.

Hi Colin,

Here are my responses to the points below.

1. There will be no further program time modification. The rock hours are 10-3am weeknights and weekends 11-3am.

2. Albums will be the basis for rotation, not songs.

3. Strong pairing of DJs can host single shows

Thanks to all the rock DJs – I think we had a positive, heartfelt, though sometimes heated, meeting!



  1. Could somebody explain to me how the albums will be chosen for rotation? Does it mean that the rock department reigns will be handed over to Matador, or does it mean that the rock directors will be able to make thoughtful choices independently. If the list could be tailored to highlight bands that are going to be performing in the near future -- both touring and local -- it might not be a bad thing. Well, it might still be a bad thing for DJ autonomy, but it could be a good thing for the local music community more generally.

  2. The decisions would be made by the music directors and a committee from each department.

  3. Thanks, Tyler.

    I'm trying to look on the bright side here. Obviously if we're talking about a list of 12 songs this would be a disaster, but if we're talking about a list of 25 albums, and care is taken to include albums consistent with the aesthetic of more narrowly focused shows, it could be both good and bad. Repetition isn't radio's strong point, but how detrimental it is to TJU's strength will depend a lot on what is being repeated, and how that stuff is selected.

    Is there going to be a rule that you can't play all five playlisted songs simultaneously (3 on cd and two on vinyl)? That way you could get them over more quickly.

  4. Sam, there already are rules regarding how close together you can play more than one cut from the same album (something like no more than two an hour - that's why all the "Two for Tuesdays" you hear on a lot of stations).