Tuesday, June 29, 2010

33. Hey Hey Hey, We're the Main Article in C-Ville Weekly

We didn't make the cover, losing out to an excellent painting of the American flag (July 4th and all that), but we rated not only the main article but also the letter from the editor-in-chief, Cathy Harding. She seems to come out firmly in support of the old guard, saying:

As you'll see in this week's cover story, UVA brass seem to believe that if WTJU were more predictable, then it would have more listeners and get fatter donations. Could be. But if a university isn’t the place to experiment with form and taste, then what place is?

Meanwhile, the article, which was written by Andrew Cedermark, is well-written and is a great introduction to the whole situation. Find it here.


  1. Hey Tyler, have you seen this yet?


    You might want to post a link!

  2. Will do... first, though, there's a little something-something I gotta attend. More news as it boils over.