Friday, June 25, 2010

27. Erratum

Boy do I feel like a pud. I mentioned in the notes and here that Emmett Boaz was the host of Leftover Biscuits. He is, in fact, a co-host with Peter Jones, as Mssr. Jones has kindly pointed out. An error on the internet... it happens, but when it does, it is corrected immediately! It's the law.

Other errors that have been brought to my attention:

-The Constantine Donation has been recently discovered to be somewhat fraudulent, so we're recalling all the popes. We hope this doesn't mess up your Sunday.

-When I advocated that "first, we kill all the lawyers," that was a typo. I meant to type "first, we chill all the layers"... which many of you figured out, since it appeared in the middle of my Rootin' Tootin' 7-Layer Ranch TasteQuest recipe.

-I'm sorry I called for the annihilation of nature. That was a mistake.

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