Tuesday, June 22, 2010

18. Letter from Burr Beard, Carol Wood and Marian Anderfurer to All

June 22, 2010

To: Volunteers, staff and friends of WTJU

From: Carol, Marian & Burr

Yesterday, we wrote to you acknowledging that, in our drive to bring change to WTJU, we sent the train too quickly down the track. Today, in response to your concerns, we write to clarify how we want to move forward.

We're re-setting the process to bring you and your ideas to the table while still not losing sight of those three key goals of increasing listenership, student involvement and revenue.

Programming stays as is for the time being. The goal will be to introduce "the new WTJU" this fall, around the time students return and in advance of a fall fundraiser.

This is your invitation to help shape WTJU.

A blog will be established on Wednesday, June 23, on which you will be able to express your thoughts about key issues facing WTJU. Watch the WTJU home page for the URL.

The all-station meeting will still be held this Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in conference rooms A&B at 400 Ray C. Hunt Drive in the Fontaine Research Park. In addition, a town hall meeting for anyone, including members of the community, will be held on July 23, location to be determined. Again, watch the home page.

The blog will remain open until July 23, with a target launch date of "the new WTJU" on Aug. 23. Any business plan will be delayed pending the outcome of this process.

As we said yesterday, the WTJU community is passionate and we want to draw on that passion.

Finally, please take a moment to read the letter below from "Uncle Chuck," who weighs in on the prospect of change at WTJU.

Thanks, all.


  1. Wow. I feel like I can catch my breath now. OK, now we can have productive discussions.

  2. This is M.E. Forbes. My husband and I listen to the Classical programs on WTJU, our favorites being the Sunday afternoon Operas and the Sunday evening Chamber Music programs. I retired last year from 40+ years as a working musician, 12+ years of which were with UVA. From what I read on this blog, the following appears to me: One, that WTJU is being pushed into a total reorganization with NO input solicited/permitted from the public and NO real interest in the opinions of the current staff. Question: Who is really behind the reorganization? Two, No, you don't just eliminate Classical programs because you think a Jazz/Rock program will garner more listeners. Third, If the WTJU financial situation is that dire, why isn't the new program director meeting with UVA support staff to get some funding while the new program director figures out new ways to raise money from the community? Fourth, In my opinion, if the reorganization makes a WTJU that is substantially no different from a commercial radio station (e.g., the institution of playlists), one might as well simply listen to another station.

  3. Well done all. Now the hard work begins. Getting them to actually listen.

    A blog is good tool to foster a scrum, which should not be confused with a quorum. Keep the discussion focussed. And be sure to use words like needs-based, top line initiative, and revenue stream. I'm not really kidding.

    And for God's sake, whatever you do, don't let them see what's in your crate.

  4. @Smilin Tyler. Can you please post the letter from "Uncle Chuck"?