Monday, June 21, 2010

3. A Brief Post on Format and Language

Looking at what I have started to make here, it became obvious to me that I should make a couple of basic facts clear.

  1. The formatting of this blog. I would like this blog to be as legible as possible to as many people as possible. If there are any suggestions you would like to make as to improving readability, please email them to, or leave a comment after this post.
  2. The word choice of the URL. That the URL of this site is 'savewtju' is no accident, but I would like to make it clear exactly what I propose we are saving it from. We are not necessarily saving it from any one person. We are saving it from alienating it from the community of volunteers, we are saving it from alienating it from the community at large, and we are saving it from a stagnation that may be keeping it from reaching its full potential. All parties have valid points, and things that they wish to save or believe need saving.
  3. The word choice of the name of the blog. It cannot be denied that WTJU is, in fact, in crisis. The name of the blog reflects only this fact, and should in no way be considered a comment thereon. No fingers are being pointed.
With all this in mind, on with the conversation.

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