Tuesday, June 29, 2010

31. UVA and WTJU Organizational Charts

I won't say there hasn't been any progress in the last couple of days. The official WTJU forum (which can be found here) is back up and running after the horrendous storm last Thursday. People are starting to use the "unofficial" forum I created to give and respond to feedback in real(er) time; that can be found here. Finally, DJs are in deep discussion, as we decide what exactly we can do. We very much want and need your input so we can make good and informed decisions, so please avail yourself of the fora above.

Finally, the meat, or seitan if you prefer: here are the WTJU organizational chart and the UVA organizational chart. The former is not so important, as WTJU is a small organization. The latter, however, is interesting. I see no reason that appeals from y'all should stop at the level of Marian Anderfuren and Carolyn Wood. They have a boss: senior vice president for development and public affairs, Robert Sweeney. And his immediate supervisor is Leonard Sandridge. And so on. They may not be being fully appraised of the situation. They may not know just how important WTJU is. They probably have not heard our voices. They should, and must, know what our positions are.

There are some fairly major things coming up. You'll find out shortly after I do.


  1. Link to WTJU forum on UVa site is not working. Looks like you have a random hex character at the end of the link, "%29." You might want to remove the %29 from your link.

    Proper link until it's fixed: http://www.virginia.edu/wtjuforum/

  2. I yield to and thank the right honorable Senator for his/her heads-up.

  3. The Chair recognizes Mr. Tyler's appreciation and returns the gratitude in kind for his substantial contribution to the War Effort.